Solar Panel Cleaning

Shiny Bright are able to provide Solar Panel cleaning with some of the latest equipment available, most companies use a normal brush but Shiny Bright use a Rotary brush system from Karcher that gives a far better and deeper clean than a traditional brush.  The system uses two different heads depending on the size of the job, the first uses Contra-Rotating disc brushes provide outstandingly high performance cleaning, the other uses a single head for smaller jobs.  Due to the directional spin of the brushes the adjacent modules get pre-rinsed before cleaning, this makes it easier to remove the grime and dirt build up thus improving productivity.

This system is used in conjunction with Hot Pure Water which gives amazing cleaning results.  Pure water has all of the impurities removed and so dirt is then attracted to the water.  This system is very effective at cleaning the Solar Panels and they can work up to 20% more effectively then when they are dirty.