We provide a range of services to our clients using the most effective and safe means to control any pest problems that they have.  We are happy to provide our services to a single residential client to large multi national companies, no job is too small or too large.


The most important aspect of any Pest Control job is the initial survey and subsequent identification of the pest that requires controlling.  We perform a thorough site survey and evaluation of the pest in question and then provide a plan to deal with the pests as well as a plan to try to make sure the problem does not return.


Every building from a small residential houses to large factory and office buildings have the possibility of facing a pest problem or infestation.  We can provide the solution to fit our clients needs as no situation is the same.


Our approach is always with the safest and least toxic approach first and always with environmental considerations in mind.


Rodents make up the vast proportion of pest control work that we are called out to, the three main species are Rats, Mice and Squirrels.  Rodents can cause damage by gnawing and scratching at your property, they can also spread disease and cause contamination. The other big problem is that they carry fleas, and can cause injury to anyone handling them. 

Rodents are excellent at finding their way into any semi warm location with food and water, so it’s important that any work done is long-lasting and preventative. It is, therefore, advisable to contact a team of pest control experts to help remove them from your property. Don’t leave the problem to continue to develop, it’s important to address it at the earliest possible stage. The longer the issue is ignored, the more chance of more serious ramifications to you, your health, and your property.

Birds also cause a huge problem, leaving a terrible mess and bringing potential health hazards.  We can deal with any bird problems you may have, investing in your bird problem will prevent many future problems.

Whatever your pest problem is, give Shiny Bright a call and we will come out to see you and provide a no fee survey and solution to your situation.

Our vehicles do not carry any notification or livery to show we are pest controllers, they just show we are Shiny Bright Cleaning, with just a small reference to show pest control is one of services.